What Is the Walk to Emmaus?

The Walk to Emmaus is a three day weekend that presents a short course on Christianity. During the weekend, participants are invited to experience Christianity as a lifestyle and to join others as pilgrims on a journey with Jesus. The goal of the Walk to Emmaus is to equip Christians to be better leaders in their churches. Our hope is that all who experience the Walk deepen their faith in Jesus Christ and take the examples of piety and Christian action to the world. Scroll down to find answers to some common questions. You can also watch the video below to hear an overview of the Walk to Emmaus and hear testimonies of how Emmaus has impacted the lives of pilgrims.

Frequently asked questions

Is walk to emmaus a church or a religion?

No, Walk to Emmaus is not a religion or a church. The Walk to Emmaus exists to strengthen the local church. We are not a replacement for your church, nor are we a different religion.

Where does the name “Walk to Emmaus” come from? is it biblical?

The name is a reference to an event recorded in Luke 24:13-34 in which a disciple named Cleopas and his unnamed friend encounter a stranger on their way to a village called Emmaus. They have a conversation with the stranger that discusses the cruicifixion of Jesus but reveals that the Messiah had to die and be raised again in three days. Cleopas and his friend invited the stranger to dine and spend the night with them. The stranger prayed, broke the bread for supper, and only then did Cleopas and his companion realize that they had been traveling with Jesus all along. As Luke records, “their eyes were opened” when Jesus broke the bread and they ran to tell others that Jesus was alive.

What happens on the walk to emmaus?

The weekend begins on Thursday evening and concludes on Sunday afternoon. During the three days, participants are invited to engage in a short course in Christianity with the goal of becoming more devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Talks are given on various topics that relate to Christianity. There are also times of reflection, worship, and rest included in the schedule. Participants experience Christianity as a lifestyle with the hope of taking these experiences back into the world. There is much more that we would prefer for one to experience for themselves. This is not to keep “secrets,” but rather to allow participants to get the most out of their weekend. As one will hear a lot during the 72 hours: “Don’t anticipate, participate!”

Do I have to be part of a particular denomination to go on the walk to emmaus?

The Walk to Emmaus is an ecumenical ministry, which means participants are not required to be part of any particular denomination in order to attend While the Walk to Emmaus is administered by Upper Room Ministries, which is affiliated with the United Methodist Church, Christians of all denominations are welcome. We have participants and team members who are United Methodist, Southern Baptist, non-denominational, and everything in between.

Where is the walk to emmaus held?

Seashore United Methodist Assembly in Biloxi, Mississippi hosts South Mississippi Walk to Emmaus weekends. This is a beautiful location just off the Gulf of Mexico that provides a perfect setting to experience the Walk to Emmaus. You will be housed in Frazier Hall, which is arranged similarly to a motel. Meals are served in the Stevens Cafeteria. For more information about Seashore Assembly, click here.

I have special dietary needs. Can these be accommodated?

Most dietary needs can be accomodated. Please inform us on your registration form.

I want to go! How can I sign up?

To attend an Emmaus weekend, participants must be recommended by a sponsor who has previously attended Walk to Emmaus. If you do not know someone who has attended, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

I have another question not covered here!

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